# Introduction

Many player at the casino have invented methods and instruments with which they cheated the slot machine, these methods paid off for sometimes but the invenyors were later discovered and punished appropriately by the law enforcement agencies. Cheating at the casino is both an illegal and immoral act and should not be advocated. These top five cheating methods have been highlighted below;

#Blinding the Machine

Tommy Carmichael invented an instrument known as the Light Wand, which was in form of a tiny torch that could be inserted into a slot machine and shone at the optical sensor that regulates how much money to churn out on a win. The light from the light wand ‘blinds’ the sensor so it has no idea of when to stop giving out coins, turning a little win into a large jackpot that sometimes emptied the slot machine of the money in it. This method of cheating the slot machine has also shown to be a failed experiment since those casinos are now online and on mobile platforms.

# The use of fake tokens; the yo-yo

This method implies the use of counterfeit type of the token, which was then dropped into the machine whose ability to detect fake tokens was zero. The master of this cheating method was an American called Louis Colaveichio , who used his skills to make high quality copies of tokens used in casinos across Atlantic city and Connecticut. It wasn’t until a casino in Atlantic City realised it had more tokens on the gambling floor than they’d released that suspicions were raised. Colavecchio was eventually found with a car load of fake tokens, arrested and served 7 years in jail. This cheating method has been defeated since most of those casinos only use paper and electronic payement and not tokens.

#Cheat Code

All the cheats above are more suited to old style machines that have been mainly phased out by casinos. Cheat code has developed as machine software has been introduced and become more sophisticated, and as gaming has moved online. The software developer of a particular slot machine program will introduce ‘rogue’ logic. This could be that the machine will pay out if buttons are pressed in a certain order, for example, or if coins are inserted in a particular sequence. The difficulties of this cheat include the clear fact that only the coder of the program  can use the cheat, and once the cheat is discovered it’s pretty clear who the perpetrator is.

#the string method

This method involves tying a string to the coin and lowsring it into the slot machine until the machine registers the player and then the stringis yanked off the slot machine. The player does this until he gets a good payout. This cheat has been defeated also since most casinos have CcTV cameras mounted at the gaming arena, which could detect any foul play .

# The use of mechanical devices

The two most famous devices are the Top-Bottom Joint and the Monkey Paw.The Top-Bottom Joint was a piece of wire with a string attached. It took advantage of the fact that in older slot machines, when a winning combination of barrels slot into place they complete an electrical circuit, releasing the money into the tray. The Top-Bottom Joint works by completing the electrical circuit even when the player hasn’t won. While the monkey paw method Monkey Paw, an improved version of the Top-Bottom Joint that allowed the user to locate and release the hatch that released money from the machine. Check here.


This cheating methods are however clever but advancements in technology has defeated everyone of the methods , hence the person indulging in the art of cheating the slot must also hope not to get caught or gets smarter than the current level of technological advances.…

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Mobile Casinos – The Hottest Trend in Online Gambling

Nowadays you can find an application for everything. Do you love poker? There’s an app for that. Do you want to play slots? There’s an app for that. Well, how about a full casino that changes their games on a regular basis? There are many apps for that. There are so many applications which are comprised of multiple different types of casino games. If you’re into a specific type, there’s going to be a mobile casino that offers a wide selection of them. You can use real or fake money when you bet on these applications, and they will give you the same thrills that you’d get if you were at an actual casino.

Have a Smartphone or Internet Connection?

If you have a smartphone or have access to the internet, then you should be surprised to know you have complete access to some of the best online gaming websites and applications on the market. Some of the best casinos are ready at the tip of your fingers where you can play at your own pace and whenever it’s convenient for you. As long as you at least use a 3G connection for internet, you can virtually access any gambling portable irrelevant to the time of day. What’s great about these options is that you can switch between either the internet or mobile, thus giving you maximum portability.

Have No Time To Attend a Casino?

If you’re a person who has a hectic lifestyle and has no time to make travel plans to attend an actual casino, then a mobile application for a casino may be your best choice. A mobile slots is ideal for you because it allows you all the same benefits a formal casino does, minus the setting, but with all the same games and betting risks. You can play it during your break, when you’re in bed, when you’re about to sleep, when you wake up, virtually any time you have some free time. You don’t have to travel anywhere or plan to go to a new casino for new types of games. Everything is loaded conveniently into your cell phone, and many mobile casinos will switch up their games and release new games from time to time.

Can I Use Real Money in Casino Mobile Games?

Yes. However, it depends on what mobile casino games you join. Some use fake currencies, while others use actual money. You will have to put in your personal information and link it to either a bank account or a PayPal account. This way you can bet and collect your winnings. Be careful when you’re sharing your information, as there are many scams out there that like to obtain your information for fraudulent activity. A good indicator that a website or application is safe is to see many people posting reviews about their experience on the game. Read more.


Mobile casinos are on the rise, and while some people say that online casinos are ruining the business. While this may hold true because it attracts a broader range of customers who don’t have time, it also draws in new customers who wouldn’t usually take the time out of their day to attend a real casino. So, if you’re interested in joining an online mobile casino, check out the mobile casinos in the UK, as they are the most prominent online gambling producers.…

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Tips for Choosing the Best Mobile Slots Site

Want to use mobile casino UK? People love to play slot machines online and love the idea of winning big. It would be amazing to win big but is that really always possible? Who knows?! You might be one of the lucky ones who manage to net a big win. Of course, choosing the best mobile slot site will make a real difference and it’s a lot easier than you might think also. Read on and find a few simple tips for choosing the best sites today.

Is It Available In Your Country?

Where do you reside? If you are looking to play the best mobile slots that are UK based it’s important to ensure the site is actually available where you are. If you aren’t in the UK you have to be sure you are able to sign up and play wherever you are. A lot of people don’t think about that when searching for the best mobile slot site but it’s vital. If you do happen to choose a site that is not available where you reside then it’s a waste of time and money. You can easily find out whether the site is available where you reside by clicking on the site and doing some research there.

Are There Bonuses For Loyal Customers Or For New Signees?

While it might not be an absolute necessity to get bonuses to get up or to be a long term loyal customer, they can be well welcomed. It would be an idea to take a little time out to look into whether there are any welcome bonuses such as free spins for new customers. They can really help you when it comes to playing and getting to grips with the slots also. It’s also a nice little bonus too so it wouldn’t hurt to take a closer look into these things. A mobile casino UK might be able to offer some free slots to new customers. See more.

Know More about the Site In General and the Slot Games Available

When you are interested in playing mobile slots you have to ensure the site you are using is suitable for your gaming. Do you want a site that offers a limitation as to the games on offer? Are you happy to stick to slots solely or do you want to play other games also? These are the things you have to think about and learn about the potential site you’ll use. It’s very important to ensure the site you use offers the slot games you want and what else it has to offer also. If you want a mix of slots and other casino games you have to look at the game options. It’ll make a difference to your game play.

Enjoy Your Slots

People love to play slots but often find themselves confused as to which slot site they should choose. The trouble is there are quite a few options out there and it’s important for you to find the one that offers the best games and experiences. There has never been a better time to look for slot games online and you’ll love what they bring. A mobile casino UK can be easy to find and you’ll love the slots they provide.…

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How smartphones have changed the course of gambling

It’s not unusual to hear how much technology smartphones have improved, but you’d be surprised to listen to what it’s done for Mobile casino gaming.

Over quite a few years, the Smartphone industry has been manufacturing new phones with excellent features and whenever a new phone is launched, there is a growth in the technology as well. The following post let us look at the Smartphone industry and the gambling industry, how they are interconnected. We will also go through the impact that the Smartphone industry has on the gaming industry.

Mobile casinoare now Permitting Mobile Friendly Software Platforms

The important point to consider while you are participating in casino games is that the casino brands are actually allowing mobile friendly software to be able to improve the player’s game playing experience. Nowadays, there are a variety of mobile casinos than the web ones, as players now prefer to invest their time ofgames due to its easy availability. For instance, MrMobi Gambling house has changed its website to best suit the mobile users.

Advantages of VR Technology has Taken Casinos to another Level

With famous brands smartphone devices like the Samsung S7 and iPhones, the Virtual Simple fact technology has had a visible role in increasing its reach to the actual mobile users. This new technology in the mobile industry has used the casinos to a new level. Players can pick to play their favorite casino game titles with the VR technology and play in a online environment and make the video games experience a particular one.

Availability of More Variety of Mobile slot machines and Mobile Casino Games

The new casinos are creating a wide number of mobile slot machines and mobile casino games to activate the players. The amount of casino brands is tremendous which means, there are new casino slots and table games introduced each day. Every new game launched has amazing themes or templates and offers brilliant gaming experience.

Secure Repayment Methods on Mobiles

There are increased payment possibilities for the players and therefore, depositing money in a casino account is now a very easy task. Repayment methods such as boku, Skrill, PayByPhone, Trustly, MasterCard, Maestro and PayPal have made life easier for all the mobile users. You will just have to make few clicks and setup your payments and begin playing the casino game titles.

Try These Online Slot machine games

A few of the most popular Mobile slots include Cleopatra, which converts back a chance to historic Egypt and needs to the judge of the stunning and famous ruler who’s eager to share a few of her treasure with lucky players.

Zeus occurs in early Greece and will be offering you opportunities to redouble your winnings that can only be described as divine!

Rainbow Riches is one of the most well-known slots game titles that celebrates Celtic culture, with gorgeous graphics showing all types of blessed charms to help you strike that jackpot faster.

Siberian Storm, on the other hand, is an icy cool slot machine game set in the wildest Siberian tundra where the magnificent snow tiger’s sophistication the reels.

Look out for sequels of your most liked games as well!


If you are looking to enhance your games experience, then always choose the casino brands which can be compatible with your smartphone devices. The knowledge of participating in Mobile slots casino games on your tablets and mobiles will enrich the gameplay. Play now!…

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Phone Requirements for Mobile Gambling

mobile casino

Millions love the idea of using a mobile casino UK. Going online to play casino games rather than going to a physical casino can be ideal, especially since traditional casinos aren’t always easy to find. You might think casinos are everywhere but, in truth, in many cities around the world there aren’t many available. However, that is one of the biggest reasons as to why more choose mobile or online casinos. If you do choose these, however, can you really use the sites without any trouble? What about phone requirements? What requirements are there?

Check the Compatibility with the Mobile Site and Your Smartphone

There is no real need to go and swap phones as if you have a fairly modern or recent phone you should be able to use casino mobile versions. However, if you have some issues then you could look at upgrading the phone’s operating system. Buying a new phone isn’t really smart when you’re playing casino games for fun! A lot of people have done this but, in truth, you don’t need to. There are plenty of great mobile sites and at least one or two should be compatible with your phone. You need to go ahead and check on the compatibility with the mobile casinos and your operating systems. As said, you might need to upgrade or update your operating system but check before doing so.

What Type Of Games Can You Play On Your Smartphones?

There are not many specific phone requirements needed for mobile gambling. Yes, it would be ideal to have a large screen so that the games are clearly visible on the phone and a stable Internet connection will be needed. However, once you have those, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about after that. You do need to make sure the mobile casino UK sites you use are safe and be wary of downloading software. A lot of sites require you to download software for certain games but it may not be necessary if you plan to avoid those games. read the news coming from

What to do if your Phone Doesn’t Work With Mobile Gambling Sites?

mobile casinoFor the most part, there shouldn’t be any issues with mobile gambling sites and that even with an older phone the site should work as long as there’s an Internet connection. However, as said, updates to operating systems might be needed. What should you do if the phone isn’t working with the site? Well, you have a few options and it might be time to look at another gambling site. If you are having a lot of trouble with one and don’t want to upgrade the handset then look for another site. A casino mobile version should work with most phones today and usually there aren’t too much trouble. If you are having trouble with certain factors within the site, you could contact the site for support.

Love Casino Games

Casino mobiles have never been more popular and yet there are thousands who believe because of the type of phone they have they cannot use them. However, that isn’t always the case. Modern phones are pretty good and usually are able to run with a host of mobile sites. You too could use mobile casinos, even if your phone isn’t the latest smartphone. A casino mobile version can be a great option for you and it can work for your enjoyment.…

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Mobile Casinos – Microgaming Spin3 Software

casino mobile

Microgaming has never been more popular and mobile casino games are truly winning the war online. There seems to be thousands who are now playing online casino games and with newer mobile versions hitting the market, you cannot blame people why they love it so. Casino games are fun and extremely appealing and with some good software, you can find it works far more. Spin3 software has become a popular option for a thousand different reasons and it may just help solve your problems. However, what does this software offer and should you use it? visit us here!

What Can Spin3 Software Offer?

Players want a few chosen things in order to make their gaming experience better including clear graphics, a simple way to navigate the games, and games that offer a real chance to win. Spin3 software offers that and more so there is a real appeal to it. That is one of the biggest reasons as to why more mobile casino business owners are looking to this type of software to create their new gaming facilities. However, it is a great idea and one that could prove useful in the near future.

Newer Technology, Newer Casino Games

Mobile casino games are not like what they were five years ago. Today, they are modern and offer better graphics than ever before. Since modern games are more advanced, they enable a gamer the ability to enjoy casino games in style. There is no need to be in a physical casino to enjoy favorite casino games and they have ever chance to win as in the casinos. Who wouldn’t like this? It really is fantastic to have the ability to gamble when you feel like it without any barriers or limitations. Online play is a great idea and while it might not be for everyone, it certainly offers something new for new gamblers. Of course, you have to be wary and take your gambling with some serious cautions but it shouldn’t be too troublesome. get more info coming from

Why Are Mobile Casino Games Popular?

casino mobileYou have to remember, most people today do not want to visit a traditional casino. They are far too busy and don’t have the time or energy to visit one which means another alternative method is necessary. Going online is that alternative and it will be something more and more look at each and every day. However, a mobile casino is popular simply because of its convenience and how easy it can be to use them no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home in bed at three in the morning, mobile sites can be used; that’s how impressive they are.

Enjoy Casinos in a New Light

Not too long ago, casinos were loved but more wanted a simpler way to enjoy the games. The Internet did prove to be a deal hit as it allowed developers the opportunity to create wonderful casino games in a new light. Mobile casinos are amazing because they are truly easy to use and offer a wide range of games, even some of the newest mobile sites. Enjoy mobile casino games and you will see the beauty of the software behind them.…

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Mobile Casino Alternative

Mobile Casino UK

Who wouldn’t want to use a casino mobile version? Mobile versions can appeal to a lot of gamblers and it’s all down to how impressive the advancing technology has become. Remember, mobile casinos have been around for quite a while now but it’s just recently that they have seen a rise in popularity. However, will they really be the solution to traditional casino play?

Why Has Mobile Casinos Become Popular?

It was around a decade ago when mobile casinos were first seen and ever since they have grown. Players really have embraced this method as it just offers them a newer and more appealing way to enjoy casino games. However, there has been a big demand for casino games and with the latest technology it has allowed casino games to become more advanced in a host of ways. So, are mobile casinos really the ideal solution to those who want to enjoy casino games at home? Well, yes, in a way they are. Mobile casinos are the alternative to physical casinos and they are so unique in so many ways, even though there are hundreds of casino sites online. A casino mobile version is really more popular than ever before and it’s not hard to see why.

Can A Casino Mobile Version Work For Your Gambling?

Maybe once the games available from a mobile casino was limited but today, they’re more varied than ever before. That is truly fantastic as it means players, from all walks of life can enjoy their favourite casino games from the comfort of their own homes. Not too long ago, nothing like that was possible and it was all about finding newer gaming opportunities. Today, however, online casinos are amazing and offer a simpler way to enjoy casino games at home. Mobile slots can be played at home and you don’t have to wait until the casino opens to play. visit us on this link:

Should You Look At Mobile Casinos Or Choose A Physical Casino?

Mobile Casino UKYou have to remember, physical casinos are somewhat different from mobile ones. Physical casinos have a certain type of atmosphere and there are dozens of people around. However, online casinos can be played anywhere and having that ability changes the whole idea of mobile casinos. Mobile slots are popular but they are different online to traditional slots; does that mean to say you shouldn’t use modern slots? Well, that isn’t the case because both physical and mobile casinos can be extremely fun and appealing. Anyone can enjoy gaming even when it’s in a newer light.

Enjoy Gambling Responsibly

Not too long ago, mobile gaming and gambling was unheard of and people didn’t think they would ever like the idea of this either. However, as the years have rolled by and technology has improved, it seems as though mobile casinos and their games are vastly popular. It really is strange because it didn’t seem as though people would embrace these as they would with traditional casinos but they have. That is amazing and it is opening the door to a new and much unexplored world for all the right reasons. Why not enjoy mobile slots and see if you enjoy mobile play?…

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